Does your attic look like this:

Before:Black Mold Attic

But it’s supposed to look like this:


After Black Mold

If you want to remove attic mold yourself, we can help. Here we have the secrets coveted by many mold removal contractors across the country.

Mold Removal Contractor

Over the last 7 years, I’ve helped formulate this process by working in the field. This system has caught on and is used by several companies.

Attic mold is what occurs when moisture gets to the wood in your attic, and mold, (a living micro organism) has a “life” mission to decompose of things that are no longer living. It starts eating your wood ‘thinking’ it’s a good thing. It ‘thinks’ (if mold had a thought process), it is part of a tree, is no longer attached, and should be broke down and out of the way. Only problem is, to you, the wood is still alive, your homes life! Since most wood is not “pretreated” like some argue (including me) it should be, we have to protect it from any and all forms of moisture, and, if possible, pretreat it ourselves to help tolerate average day to day climate changes and moisture.

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